Raise a Frosty Glass at Kiwanis!
Join us for Passenger Rail in Roanoke!
RAMP and the Roanoke Blacksburg Technology Council
Options for Memory Care
The Salvation Army - More Than the Bell
Annual Report from the Kiwanis Foundation
Mayor David Bowers at Kiwanis Club of Roanoke!
A Look Inside the World of Hoarding
Strategic Planning Review at Kiwanis this Week
First Responders Recognized this Week!
Latest Developments from the City of Roanoke
Newsletter Test
Latest News from Franklin County
Can't Wait to Hear the Buzz About Salem!
Latest News from Roanoke County!
Just in Time for Summer - Learn about Skin Cancer!
We're Giving Out $15,000!
This Week We Hear from Family Service!
Intelligence & Cyber Security - Inside the NSA
We're Giving out Awards this Week!
Our National Forests this Week at Kiwanis!
News from Vinton this Week at Kiwanis!
First Responders Recognition at Kiwanis this Week!
Just in Time for Spring! Greenways Update
General Assembly Report this Week at Kiwanis!
Maestro Steven White Presents!
On Your Marks! Get Set! Get Ready!
Get the Inside Scoop this Week at Kiwanis!
Things Are Taking Off at the Airport!
Wellness in Roanoke's Workplaces
Dancing Opportunities in the Roanoke Valley
From the Grid Iron to the Pulpit
Learning More about Juvenile and Domestic Court
Come Celebrate with Us!
Learn About New Therapy for Parkinson's Sufferers
Awards and Recognition for First Responders!
Learn More about Transitional Options for Women
Let's Get Ready to PARTY!!!
Grandin Theatre Foundation at Kiwanis!
Grandin Theatre Foundation at Kiwanis!
Join us this week at Kiwanis!
Happy Thanksgiving
Learn about TAP's Domestic Violence Services
Paying Tribute to our Veterans!
Three Cheers for the Red White and Blue!
Tha Changing Media Landscape this week at Kiwanis!
Autism services in the Roanoke Valley
Roanoke Sister Cities at Kiwanis!
Mill Mountain Theatre Debuts Their 2017 Season!
Starting off a New Year with President Andy Stone!
Latest Developments from Botetourt County
New Economic Developments in Botetourt
Latest News from Roanoke Symphony Orchestra!
The Science Business at Kiwanis!
We're Discovering Cuba!
Today at Kiwanis!
Don't Miss Kiwanis This Week! We Have BIG NEWS!
This Valley Works! At Kiwanis
Latest news from Roanoke Kiwanis
State of the City by New Mayor Sherman Lea
The Roanoke Valley is a Hub for Mega Manufacting!
Come Hear About the Valley's Transit Plan!
More Manufacturing in the Valley at Kiwanis!
Manufacturing in the Valley: FreightCar America
Manufacturing in the Valley series at Kiwanis
Exciting News from CHIP!
Join us for Career & Technical Education Awards!
Join us for a little Comic Relief!
And the winner is!
Matthew's Child and Being a Foster Parent
Wildlife Rehabilitation in Virginia
The Korean War - First Hand
General Assembly Updates at Kiwanis
We Rise When We Lift Others
How Carilion is Improving the Lives of Children
Get Ready, Get Set, It's Time for Pancakes!
Building Unsinkable Kids!
This week at Kiwanis - lifting up our community!
Latest Events and Exhibits from the History Museum
Tobacco People this week at Kiwanis!
Hear the Latest News from WDBJ7
Join us for Keepers of Tradition at Kiwanis Club
Join us for Keepers of Tradition at Kiwanis Club
Virginia Transformer and the Global Economy
Single Stream Recycling at Kiwanis Club of Roanoke
Join us for our first meeting of 2016!
West End Center Party at Kiwanis!
Goiter and Kiwanis in Kenya
Mister Owita's Guide to Gardening
Mister Owita's Guide to Gardening
The City Market Building and Economic Development
Latest News from Kiwanis Club of Roanoke
The Future of Senior Care at Kiwanis
Learn Horses Can Help Us Heal
Taking the Pulse of Roanoke's Underserved
The State of Kiwanis
How Does Your Small Business Grow?
Day of Remembrance - Volunteers Needed
The Great Debate at Kiwanis this week!
Latest News from Roanoke Valley Broadband
Join us for trends that influence Roanoke's econom
Join us this week at Kiwanis Club of Roanoke!
The Pipeline from Another Perspective
Regional Technology Companies and Start-Ups
Latest news from the airport authority at Kiwanis
Latest news from the airport authority at Kiwanis
We're Celebrating WDBJ7's 60 Birthday!
No Luncheon Meeting This Week
What's New at the Zoo?
You are invited to the July Interclub
No Meeting this week - Happy Independence Day!
Joe Cobb shares his experience as a father
Fathers First by TAP
We continue to celebrate Fathers this month
we remember our Fathers
Foster Fathering this week at Kiwanis!
Cleaning up Meth Labs in Roanoke
We're giving away more money this week!
The Renaissance Academy at Kiwanis Club of Roanoke
KPAD Wrap Up and Career & Technology Awards
Fire Up the 611!
Carter Machinery this week at Kiwanis
Carter Machinery this week at Roanoke Kiwanis
This week Roanoke's exciting aviation history
John D'Orazio presents Pros of the Pipeline
Naval Intelligence During the Cold War
The educational impact of music on youth
Not One Way - Transportation Alternatives
Early Childhood Development at Kiwanis
Early Childhood Development at Kiwanis
Let's Talk Pancakes
The State of Mental Health in Virginia
The Global Economy this week at Kiwanis
Nuclear Power is Back on the Agenda
We're Having a Party!
How Historic Preservation Can Be Profitable
Nancy Agee presents at Kiwanis this week!
Will We Ever Have an Intermodal Facility?
Happy New Year from the Kiwanis Club of Roanoke!
No Meeting this week - Merry Christmas!
West End Center Party this week!
Join us this week at Kiwanis!
Learn about Veterans Affairs programs this week
Happy Thanksgiving from Kiwanis Club of Roanoke
Arson Investigations in Roanoke at Kwanis
Changes in the Law over 30 years
Making Moonshine this week at KIwanis!
Helping Families this week at Kiwanis
Exciting Program at Kiwanis this week!
Special Guests this Week at Roanoke Kiwanis
Mill Mountain Theatre comes to Kiwanis this week
This week we say farewell to President JC Taylor
Join us for President JC Taylor's final meeting!
Dr. Reif Kessler this week at Kiwanis
Join us this week at Kiwanis!
Rep. Bob Goodlatte at Kiwanis this week
Dan Smith - 50 Years of Journalism
CityWorks (X)po this week at Kiwanis!
Good Samaritan Hospice at Kiwanis this week
Children's Book Festival this week at Kiwanis
Children's Book Festival this week at Kiwanis
Join us this week at Kiwanis Club of Roanoke
What More Can We Do to Help Our Veterans?
This week at Kiwanis - Mental Health for Veterans
Join us this week for The Moving Wall -
The importance of Mill Mountain to our community
Advance Auto Parts - by President George Sherman
Advance Auto Parts - by President George Sherman
Virginia Tech Wrestling!
Kiwanis Club of Roanoke Commemorates D-Day
We love to give away money!!!
Another successful Pancake Breakfast!
Career & Technical Education Awards at Kiwanis
Join Us this week at Kiwanis
Planning for the future at Kiwanis Club of Roanoke
Join us this week at Kiwanis Club of Roanoke!
Step Back in Time with Roanoke Kiwanis this week!
News from the Kiwanis Club of Roanoke
This week at Kiwanis Club of Roanoke
The Pancakes are coming!
Join us this week at Kiwanis Club of Roanoke
Join us this week February 26 at Kiwanis!
Join us at Roanoke Kiwanis February 19th
Join us for Breakfast for lunch today at Kiwanis
February 5, 2014 Kiwanis Club of Roanoke
January 28, 2014 Kiwanis Club of Roanoke
January 22, 2014 at Roanoke Kiwanis
What's Happening this week at Kiwanis
This week at Roanoke Kiwanis
West End Center Christmas Party
This week at Roanoke Kiwanis December 16
This week at Roanoke Kiwanis
What's Happening this week at Roanoke Kiwanis
This week at Roanoke Kiwanis
November 18 - this week at Roanoke Kiwanis
Music and drama this week at Kiwanis
November 5 Newsletter Kiwanis Club of Roanoke
This week at Roanoke Kiwanis Oct 29, 2013
2013-2014 Officers and Directors
2013-2014 Grants and Service Projects
Roanoke Valley Greenways this week at Kiwanis
Oct 14, 2013 - This Week at Kiwanis
October 7, 2013 - This week at Roanoke Kiwanis
What's Happening this Week at Roanoke Kiwanis
What's Happening this week at Kiwanis
This week at Roanoke Kiwanis
What's Happening this Week Sept 9 at Kiwanis
What's Happening this week at Kiwanis
August 26 Newsletter
August 19 Newsletter
Kiwanis Club of Roanoke Newsletter August 5, 2013
Kiwanis Club of Roanoke July 29, 2013 Newsletter
July 22, 2013 Kiwanis Club of Roanoke Newsletter
July 15 Newsletter Kiwanis Club of Roanoke
July 8 2013 Kiwanis of Roanoke Newsletter
Relief for Moore, Oklahoma requested . . .
KPAD a success!
KPAD tomorrow - Saturday, May 11th
Kids Fishing Day and KPAD volunteers needed!
Kids Fishing Day, May 4th needs guides.
Two service projects planned for April 27th . . .
Greenway work project on April 6th ...
Next week - Kiwanis/Red Cross annual recognitions
"Remember - we are selling tickets."
Kiwanis Pancake & Auction Day (KPAD) kickoff - - -
Key club members shine . . .
Three new members inducted . . .
New food caterer to begin next week . . .
New member drive getting off to a good start ---
Change livers . . . yours and others!
"Striving for 200" membership drive begins.
Song leaders needed . . . see Judy Clark.
Westside Elementary Debate Team next week . . .
It's not too late to donate to the Foundation
Santa to visit club with West End kids . . .
Kiwanis to ring bells for Salvation Army . . .
Help needed for Greenway mile markers . . .
West End Christmas Party needs support . . .
Coat Drive set for Westside Elementary . . .
Key Club Fund Raiser for Staunton River Key Club
Candidates for 9th Districh US House of Reps . . .
President Alex requests committee names . . .
Congressional Candidates from Virginia District 6.
Roanoke River Greenway Clean-up on Saturday
Our Club provides more service with fewer members.
Fall waterways team leader needed . . .
Unsung heroes awards banquet update . . .
Only a few more volunteers needed for Apple Ridge
Welcome new member David C. Perry
Run for the Labor of Love . . .
It's Ducky Derby time . . . drawing on Aug. 25th
Grant budget now being developed . . .
CHIP Back packs for school beginning in August
Last call for interclub golf and dinner . . .
No regular meeting on the 4th...assist B & G Club
Membership initiative begins . . .
Day of action at Hurt Park Elementary School.
KPAD leadership recognized . . .
BUGS & Terrific Kids awards to be presented . . .
Strategic Planning Committee to do survey . . .
Pancakes & Auction brings in funds for service . .
Return to Patrick Henry Hotel Ballroom
Kiwanis moving back to Patrick Henry Hotel
Kiwanis Pancake & Auction Day tomorrow . . .
D-Day for KPAD fast approching . . .
Items needed for KPAD Auction . . .
Jefferson Street Clean-up, March 31 . . .
KPAD turn-in is $4,760 this week . . .
Plant the seed for membership - - -
Kiwanis Pancake & Auction Day kicked off . . .
Kiwanis to participate in Read Across America Day
Key Clubs meet for annual election . . .
Satellite Club to meet next Thursday evening . . .
Help get the ELIMINATE project underway . . .
Westside 5th graders wow Kiwanians today . . .
Grant to Junior Achievement . . .
Nominees for office sought . . .
Next regular meeting to be on January 4th . . .
Club Directory available in print . . .
Cash gifts to Foundation are tax deductible . . .
Santa to visit with West End Center kids . . .
West End Center Christmas Party for kids . . .
Charity assists immigrant and refugee children.
Charity serves immigrant and refugee children
Adult Care Center Thanksgiving Dinner 11-17-11
Children's Trust awarded grant by club . . .
Lick Run Clean-up on November 5
Goodwill "Sweat Equity"Dat this coming Saturday -
New members Rutherford, Westmoreland Schaben
President Jim Arend lists goals for FY12 . . .
Forest Academy Key Club chartering Oct 6th
Social event on September 28 at 6:30 pm
Builders Club sponsors car wash for tornato relief
Next week's meeting to begin at 12:20 p.m.
Jackie still needs assistance with membership . .
Salem interclub next week - August 26th
Service Budget for grants and Kiwanis projects due
It's Ducky Derby time . . . in support of children
Book bags needed for children for school . . .
Grant applications now be accepted for 2011-12.
Interclub this coming week - a fun event . . .
Members needed to assist Vets at Salem Ball Game
Roanoke Interclub - July 21 at Hunting Hills CC
Roanoke River Clean-up on Saturday, June 18
ASK - Actively Seeking Kiwanians. See details.
Kids Fishing Day volunteers honored . . .
Scholarships awarded on May 25, 2011
Kids Fishing Day - Saturday - May 21
Kids Fishing Day - Saturday morning, May 21 . . .
Great KPAD last Saturday. . .Many thanks to all -
Remember KPAD - our annual fund rasier - Saturday
Help celebrate Earth Day . . . Grandin Village
KPAD workers needed - please reserve April 30
A doughnut awaits you . . . on April 9th
Kiwanis One Day at Garden City Elementary . . .
Changes made for Mission of Mercy Dental Clinic
Mission of Mercy Dental Clinic . . . work March 26
Tree planting on Blue Ridge Parkway . . . March 19
KPAD ticket sales campaign is off and running . .
Prospective Member Meeting - March 3, 5:15 p.m.
Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline receive grant . .
Kiwanis Blood Donors recognized by Red Cross . . .
Red Cross recognizes Kiwanis donors next week . .
Dues increase passes - will be $40 per quarter -
Dues increase to be decided next week . . .
Dues increase proposed to meet deficits . . .
Kiwanis Advisors needed for Key and Builders clubs
Attendance pin tabs and Legion of Honor next week
Lick Run Greenway a signature project . . .
Santa visits West End Center kids . . .
Grant to support Goodwill's "Green Career Day"
Grants to Young Audiences and Apple Ridge Farm
Grant to aid home bound adults . . .
Club to assist at the Adult Care Center . . .
Grant to provide van service for Adult Care Ctr
Help needed for recording Perfect Attendance . . .
Roanoke Kiwanis Foundation pledges . . .
President Mike Loveman kicks off new year . . .
President Ken says farewell as President . . .
Celebration picnic set for September 29 . . .
Kiwanis International President visits Roanoke...
Paul Palazzolo to visit Roanoke this Saturday.....
Addendum to Kiwanis News 8-18-10
CHIP needs workers on Aug 24-27 . . .
International President Paul Palazzolo to visit...
Family Hike for Kiwanis member, family, friends.
Kiwanis Foundation active since 1955.
Ducky Derby supports childrens hospitals.
Gainsbobo Family YMCA receives grant.
Interclub - July 16 Ballgame July 17
Intrerclub at Lynchburg on June 24
Roanoke River Clean up Saturday June 28
Benefit ride for Roanoke Police Officer Lawrence
Center in the Square renovation explained.
Volunteers needed to assist injured police officer
Scholarships awarded today.
Roanoke County Fire/EMS honored today.
KPAD this coming Saturday.
Nomination of Officers and Directors
Kids Fishing Day upcoming
Painting work day at Camp Roanoke upcoming.
Kiwanis fundraising in full swing.
Clean Valley Day - April 5.
Golf after the meeting on Wednesday?
Cutler and Montgomery earn Bill Dressler Award
Blood donors recognized.
Kiwanis Pancake and Auction Kickoff
FREE receives $500 grant to help the handicapped
Second Harvest Food Bank Receives Grant
International President visits Roanoke Club
Camp Virginia Jaycee receives grant from club
Charter Night a first & visit by Intnl. Pres.
International President to visit Southwest Va.
Santa visits children at Kiwanis today . . .
Children's Home Society receives grant today . . .
Mill Mountain project described at Kiwanis today.
Capital District Governor visits Regions 2 & 3
Impact of the Tragedy at Virginia Tech Discussed
Roanoke Superintendent calls for assistance
Adult Care Center receives check from club.
Kiwanis News October 24, 2007
Kiwanis News October 3, 2007
October 17, 2207 Newsletter
Kiwanis News August 1, 2007
Kiwanis News - July 25, 2007